Technical Board

The CLEAR Technical Board meets several times per year to review the technical, safety and radioprotection issues of the proposed experiments and to define the detailed experimental program following the recommendations by the Scientific Board. The board gives the final authorization for the installation of the experiments, needed to get the beam permit within the agreed conditions, and allocate the scheduled beam time.

Roberto CORSINI (BE-ABP), Facility Coordinator
Gerard MCMONAGLE (SY-RF), Facility Safety Officer
Wilfrid FARABOLINI (BE-ABP and CEA), Beam Expert, Operation
Pierre KORYSKO (BE-ABP and Oxford University), Beam Expert, Operation
Luke DYKS (BE-ABP and Oxford University), Beam Expert
Davide GAMBA (BE-ABP) Beam Expert, Technical Support
Kyrre SJOBAK (BE-ABP and Oslo University) Beam Expert and User Representative
Thibaut LEFEVRE (SY-BI), User Representative
Ruben GARCIA ALIA (SY-STI) , User Representative